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Upper Crust Pizzeria, Culver City

3847 Main St. 90232

Pay: $16 - $18 / hour

Morning Shift: 10am - 5pm

Night Shift: 5pm - 10pm or 11pm

Schedule: Holidays, Weekdays and Weekends

Job Type: Full-Time or Part-Time Shifts

We are a family oriented pizzeria looking for a Pizza Chef to join our kitchen staff and make delicious pizzas based on both traditional and modern recipes.

Pizza Chef responsibilities include preparing pizza dough, slicing and chopping toppings like vegetables and meats and executing customers’ orders considering special requests. To be successful in this role, you should have experience with various pizza types and be available to work during business hours. Ultimately, you will help increase client satisfaction by preparing high-quality pizzas.

(Our operation is functioning in an abundance of safety precaution as it relates to COVID-19. All employees are required to wear masks at all times. Gloves must be utilized when handling food. Temperature and wellness checks are required upon arrival. Socially distanced measures are taken when applicable.)

Physical Setting:

* Casual dining restaurant

* Fast casual restaurant


* Prepare pizzas out of our menu and based on custom orders

* Prep: Wash and chop vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms etc.)

* Prep: Cut, slice and grill meats like chicken, ground beef, chorizo etc.

* Monitor food stock and place orders, as needed

* Cook appetizers, like mozzarella sticks, pizza bites, garlic breads and salads

* Recommend new recipes to update our menus

* Maintain a clean cooking station and sterilize equipment


* Work experience as a Pizza Chef or similar role in a restaurant***

* Hands-on experience with preparing and baking pizza doughs

* Familiarity with professional kitchen equipment and brick or stone oven

* Understanding of food hygiene

* Good time-management skills

* Team spirit

* Flexibility to work in shifts, including weekends and evenings

* Diploma from a culinary school is a plus


* Employee Discounts

* Food Provided

* Training

Supplemental Pay:

* Tips

Pay frequency:

* Every Friday

Other Contact Options:

Phone: 832-871-0941

E-mail: <a href='mailto:[email protected]'>[email protected]</a>

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