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Farm house çiftlik evi


If you are a nature lover, if you want health, peace and quiet, here is your chance.

Overlooking the forest! Great farm concept.

Pine trees are full of oxygen!

Our land consists of 4 decares and your area is 1 decare.

A variety of wild animals in their natural environment (insects, butterflies, bees, birds,

squirrels, pigs, etc.)

for your use; 3 mother zanen goats, 4 kids, fresh goat milk morning and evening. 1 rooster, 10 chickens, fresh daily eggs.

Very sweet human friendly, 1 cane corse pregnant female dog.

There are 40 various fruit trees and a large number of various vegetables at the ready.

Just like cultivated vegetables and fruits, you can also realize your own farming hobby. You can enjoy this experience and pleasure.

Your house is furnished; It consists of 3 rooms, 1 living room, kitchen, 4 bathrooms + WC and 2 balconies.

Air Conditioner, TV, Internet, Hair Dryer, Iron, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Toaster, Filter Coffee Machine, Toaster, Ketil, Four Cooker, Oven, etc.

. Towntalk

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