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A New Year's Wish to All of You


Well, here we are at the end of December 2021. It's almost time to ring in a new year. For some, this could mean traveling across continents or oceans to be with friends and family. It could mean stocking up with favorite foods and getting together with friends for marathons of favorite films. People will raise glasses to toast the arrival of 2022 as they make resolutions that are sometimes kept... sometimes forgotten! But still, there's nothing wrong with trying.

A new year is often seen as the turning of a new page and a fresh start. Some may see it a time to set a course for enrolling in school. Others may see it as a time to start a new business. Some could see the new year as a time to confront financial anxieties... whether through exploring restructuring of debt, bankruptcy, or negotiation. The year ahead could provide many possibilities to take constructive steps to deal with life's joys and headaches.

Whatever it is that people hope to accomplish in the year ahead, there are plenty of helpful resources. There are informative videos. There are self-help books. There are form kits prepared by legal document companies. And of course, there are plenty of attorneys out there to offer guidance.

Whatever your goals for the year ahead may be - learning a new language, exercising more, stopping smoking, or accomplishing things of a business and legal nature... good luck to you! May you achieve the things you hope to do.

If life is going well for you, may your good fortunes continue. If things in life could be better and you are experiencing difficulty, I hope you enjoy better days ahead... with the words, "Bu gunlerde geçecek."

To all who read this... I wish you and your loved ones happiness, good health, and prosperity for the year ahead!

Mutlu Yillar!

Good Luck - Kendinize Iyi Bakin

Avukat Timur Akpinar

(718) 224-9824


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