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Davam Yavaş Gidiyor


"Davam yavaş gidiyor," or... "My lawsuit is moving slowly." I hear those words a lot these days from people. Lawsuits sometimes move through the legal system as slowly as a caravan of camels making their way across a vast desert. Court systems in large cities throughout the world are generally not known for speed. And now with the pandemic, things are even slower in many places.

One of the reasons is that in-person interaction has been reduced. However, we live in a society that sues a lot. So, there are still lots of lawsuits out there. But the legal system has adapted well. Hearings that were once in-person are held virtually now. Depositions, where people answer questions under oath, are also conducted virtually these days. Time is saved in other ways, many of which were in place even before the pandemic. This includes things such as e-filing systems or the exchange of evidence in the form of digital files instead of bulky paper packages.

In some ways, these changes in technology have been welcomed by law firms and clients alike. Virtual hearings are not affected by snowstorms or road closures. Someone who was injured in an accident could answer questions from the comfort of their attorney's office instead of taking the train to a crowded courthouse in the middle of a big city.

In some ways, the changes that evolved from the pandemic are here to stay. And people are happy with some of them. Unfortunately, in terms of speed, things still do move slowly. But as the system adjusts to new technologies, many people in the legal community believe that things will improve with time.

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Avukat Timur Akpinar

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