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İş Görüşmen Nasıl Geçti?


İş ariyorım... I'm looking for work. That's something that many people seem to be saying these days. I know there's lots of talk of a booming job market. Some say that people leaving the workforce due to COVID in the past year or two has created new opportunities. Personally, I hear many different stories. Some areas may have opened up because people don't want to work in them any longer. But listening to people's experiences, it's no picnic out there. Some are working remotely if they can. Others have been forced to adapt to new ways of doing business. But one thing that hasn't changed are the questions that can be asked at job interviews.

Interview questions can sometimes be tricky. The straightforward ones that delve into one's work experience are fine. "So tell me about your work experience." Something like that is straightforward and relevant in reviewing candidates for a position. The questions that create difficulty are the ones that delve into things that are not deemed relevant. Where were you born? Where do you pray? Is English your main language? How old are you?

The list of unacceptable questions goes on. Interviewers should not ask about disabilities. They should not ask about debt, or types of military discharges. They should not ask personal questions about physical characteristics. But sometimes, this could be an element of the job, where someone must be a certain height. Or they must apply before they reach a certain age.

The reality is that no one wants to treat an interview adversarially. Job applicants are eager to please and they want to come off as friendly. And experienced recruiters are respectful in avoiding questions that are unacceptable. If you're seeking work in these difficult times, good luck to you!

Good Luck - Kendinize Iyi Bakin

Avukat Timur Akpinar

(718) 224-9824


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