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Affet Gitsin Aldırma!


Where have we heard these words before? They are, of course, in the lyrics to "Hoş Gör Sen," by the wonderful and talented Ajda Pekkan. The song is about letting go and moving on. There's good wisdom in the lyrics. They make sense for life. They sometimes make sense for dealing with the law and the court system. But how could such a beautiful song be compared to something as dull as lawsuits?

The comparison has nothing to do with the creative beauty of the song. It's about the line of reasoning. Some lawsuits are better to walk away from. The words, "Affet Gitsin Aldırma" make sense in many life situations. Let it go. Forget about it. Move on. And so it could be said for certain settings where a lawsuit does not make sense. I turn away many lawsuits where someone wants to sue. I understand the person's position. They've been insulted. They've been stabbed in the back in a business deal. They've been cheated on or humiliated. This happens a lot in life to all of us, and Ajda's words do hold true... https://youtu.be/qhHQvL5joq4

But I tell the people that it isn't practical to pursue the lawsuit they have in mind. Yes, from a legal perspective, they are correct. Law textbooks would prove them right. But from a standpoint of practicality, some lawsuits are not worth pursuing. They would be costly in terms of interrogating witnesses. They would be costly in terms of finding evidence to prove their point. The money they might get at the end could be less than the cost of the lawsuit. And I tell them it just isn't worth it. I tell them to save their money.

What does the song say? "Bilsen neler dönüyor şu garip dünyada... ...Hangimiz uğramadık sanki haksızlıklara" (from Hoş Gör Sen, Ajda Pekkan). Here's the classic version from the 1970s... https://youtu.be/oglP5VQR5Bk

The words are so true.

Good Luck - Kendinize Iyi Bakin

Avukat Timur Akpinar

(718) 224-9824


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