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2022 San Francisco Turkish Music Festival


As we believe that food brings people together, we have created an online platform that connects customers with ethnic specialty stores in their neighborhood! We are on a mission to make ethnic grocery goods from all cultures easily accessible and offer delivery to your door within 2 hours from local markets in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

We want to make a big difference in our local community and make a positive impact in the world during this unprecedented time.

We are honored to be the main sponsor for the 2022 Turkish Music Festival in San Francisco – a benefit event to support girls’ education in Turkey. There is nothing we love more than getting together with the community and have you join us to support this incredible cause!

Enjoy a diverse selection of delicious dishes from Turkish Cuisine while listening to live music!

Explore the event details here: https://www.sanfranciscoturkishmusicfestival.com/

App Store and Google Play: https://app.getbakkal.com/download

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getbakkal/

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