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People might wonder what Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was thinking in this photograph. He is looking at a work of modern art. Is he impressed by the art? Is he trying to be polite? What were his thoughts? We may never know. One thing is clear. Ataturk did give thought to his will (vasiyetnamesi). He left 1,000 lira/mo to Makbule, 800 lira/mo to Afet, and 600 lira/mo to Sabiha Gökçen. Makbule could continue living in the house at Çankaya. İsmet İnönü's children were to be supported in their educational needs. This was outlined in Atatürk's will, written September 5, 1938.

It looks like Atatürk cared about the individuals in his family and life. He made plans for how his money and possessions would be passed on to them. And that's the basic idea of a will. It's a legal document that outlines how someone's real estate, assets, money, and personal possessions will be distributed when they die. It isn't a happy document, since it involves a final chapter in life. But it is something worth thinking about, because not having a will could create even more unhappiness.

Wills are not difficult to create. In fact, we see many do-it-yourself kits advertised on TV or the Internet. People have learned to do many legal things themselves these days through self-help resources, and wills are just one of them. Using or not using an attorney could be a personal decision, depending on the complexity of the matter and amount of assets.

Although requirements could vary based on where you live, there are some standard features of most wills. Many places require that a will be in writing. Having witnesses can also be part of the requirements. The person usually needs to be of sound mind at the time. A basic will is but one way to distribute possessions. There are more sophisticated ways to do this as well.

Now, as for the thoughts of Atatürk in this photo, his look appears to be one of curiosity. He is pictured here with Makbule Hanim at the 1927 opening of the State Art and Sculpture Museum in Ankara. I can't speak for Atatürk's opinions about modern art. But the people who knew him well, such as his family and friends, probably knew what he was thinking from his facial expression here.

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