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I hope you and your families are doing well as we begin another summer. I hope you enjoy safe driving, and never experience an accident. But no matter how careful someone is, sometimes "insanın başına geliyor," as they say... "things happen." Driving is not fun these days. People are distracted by texting, traffic congestion is everywhere at all hours, some roads seem to constantly be under repair, and everyone is stressed. Although accidents can be traumatic, there are positive steps one can take afterwards. And these could help win an accident case.

Winning an accident case often comes down to gathering information and knowing how to use it. A trial can go on for a long time. See

DAVAM YAVAŞ GİDİYOR https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000049161# But important evidence must be gathered at the start. This includes photographs. If a vehicle is totaled, it won't be sitting around forever. Junkyards soon take it away. Photographs should be taken without delay. They show where the impact was and how severe it was. This is important in corroborating evidence about injuries from medical records.

Please read that police report carefully. It contains valuable information. It describes how the accident took place, weather conditions, road conditions, direction of the vehicles, and other valuable details. POLICE REPORT KEY https://dmv.ny.gov/forms/mv104cov.pdf It identifies things such as glare, driver inattentiveness, excessive speed, failure to yield, or other traffic violations. Keep in mind, different places can have their own unique forms and information keys. But the general information they provide is standard.

Just as with the actual physical car, video evidence does not stick around long either. Accidents are sometimes recorded by traffic cameras or surveillance cameras mounted in stores or offices. Sometimes other vehicle's dashcams could be helpful. Here's an accident captured by another vehicle's dashcam. I only post it because the driver was okay and got out of the car. ACCIDENT VIDEO FROM DASHCAM https://youtu.be/ozNUGH8od_E Attorneys for both sides look very closely at that kind of video evidence.

Identify witnesses and have your attorney speak with them early. People remember things best when too much time doesn't go by. Memory fades and people forget details over time. Or people move to different cities. It's important to take statements without delay. Waiting too long could jeopardize valuable evidence, or it could undermine a witness's credibility.

It's also important to prepare with your attorney. The other side might want to question you. An experienced attorney could help you prepare for this. Being unprepared here could damage one's case. Obviously, the best thing would be to avoid an accident in the first place. KIŞ GELDİ - AVOIDING DRIVING ACCIDENTS https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000049011 But once an accident occurs, we think of positive steps to make a bad situation better.

There are exceptionally skillful drivers out there who ARE able to avoid accidents. Case in point, here's a video of ambulance drivers with great driving skills. INCREDIBLE AMBULANCE DRIVERS - https://youtu.be/0iUtDmXCsQU It's interesting that some of the ambulances have manual transmissions. The drivers seem to handle the vehicles like Formula One race cars in heavy traffic. Those kind of driving skills could definitely help avoid accidents!

I wish all of you safe and carefree experiences in your cars, free of accidents. And I hope this is information you never need to think about!

Good Luck - Kendinize İyi Bakın

Avukat Timur Akpınar

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