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I like the game of chess. It's predictable. It's a fair contest. You have the same pieces the other side has. No dice, like in backgammon. No jokers in the deck, like in card games. It's all about skill. People sometimes think of a lawsuit as a game of chess. You map out a good strategy. You try to use good moves. But instead of a game of chess, some people see a lawsuit as going to a casino. You roll the dice... but you don't know what the outcome will be. Which comparison is closer to the truth - chess or casino?

Maybe reality is somewhere in between chess and the casino. In our legal system, there are things we CAN control in a lawsuit. We can get a good attorney. We can gather good evidence. We can study the facts. If things are done right, who knows if the matter could turn into the next MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT? - https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000050486 Preparation is a big part of the game. If the case involves an accident, preparation means having all medical documentation at your fingertips. It means knowing what each MRI film shows. It means knowing what your key witnesses are going to say. It means having good photographs for the court. This is all good. But what about the things you CAN'T control?

You can't control the opinions of jurors. An attorney could present evidence well. In an accident case, an attorney could be very convincing in speaking to the jury about how the injuries impacted the victim's life. In a criminal case, an attorney could be persuasive about someone's innocence. They could show that the defendant was a decent and honest person. But there's no control over the decision of the jury. That's why some people see going to court like a casino.

Your attorney has a say in which jurors can be selected for the jury. So does the other side's attorney. There's a process called "voir dire." This means "to speak the truth." This is supposed to prevent bias. But ultimately, it could be a roll of the dice, because jurors are people. Just like all of us, jurors have likes, dislikes, sympathy, anger, and a whole mixture of emotions. When a jury likes a person, their lawsuit could go like this sailboat - sails full of wind, powerful, and unstoppable. https://youtu.be/uQ8VjOP9Oig And if a jury doesn't like a person, the person could feel like their case is going like this tugboat - sinking to the bottom of the sea. https://youtu.be/sEz9skan3dQ

Another thing you can't control is the power of the other side. If you're a small individual and the other side has millions to pour into the lawsuit, that could make things difficult. Justice should serve the rich and poor equally. But the side that has more money is at an advantage, just like an army that has more gear on the battlefield.

Does that mean that attorneys throw their hands up and say, "Oh, it's all luck. What's the point in fighting." Of course not. A good attorney will prepare meticulously. They'll fight hard. That's their job. But in the end, we see that there are factors within our control... and factors not within our control in the legal system. That's why some people see things as a game of chess, while others see it as a game at a casino. That's why people sometimes think long and hard about going to court... whether they have an attorney, or they go on their own - AVUKAT TUTMADAN DAVAMI KENDİM HALLETTİM - https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000050359

Good Luck - Kendinize İyi Bakın

Avukat Timur Akpinar

(718) 224-9824


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