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Çirkefe Taş Atma, Üstüne Sıçrar


Many of us might remember hearing these words from our parents, "Çirkefe taş atma, üstüne sıçrar." Maybe the "çirkef" was a bully at school who pushed us. Or maybe it was someone at work who said something vicious. Our parents or friends said those words to soothe the hurt. "Don't throw stones at those scoundrels... it'll splash back on you!" Well, those words can also hold true when it comes to the law.

How do the words apply in legal matters? Some cases are not worth pursuing in court. If someone hurt you, you obviously want them to answer for it. And this often makes sense. In a car accident, we don't say "taş atma." We go to court and seek compensation through the insurance company for the injuries. It's worth going after because in the end, there will likely be money. One way to think about it is that the world will always have "çirkefs." But hopefully, the world will have more good people like the ones feeding hungry dogs in the video here - "Aç kalan köpekler, yiyeceklere hücum etti:" - https://youtu.be/ObrXp7V1M20

Those cases that aren't worth the trouble will always be out there. A mean person tells a lie about a wife or husband being unfaithful. It's humiliating and cruel. Two hundred years ago, people might have dueled over such an attack on one's honor. But society has changed. The modern solution is to sue for defamation (malicious "dedikodu"). But is it really worth the time?

One must show that the hurtful words were spoken. That takes money and time to prove in court. But let's say the victim proves that the harmful words were spoken. Then what? You win. But the "çirkef" says they have no money to pay the court's judgment. So the victory is a hollow one. The victim is hurt twice. Once by the cruel words. A second time by the costly legal efforts. Again, in this crazy world, we tell ourselves that there are more good people like the ones giving their time to read audio books in the video here - "Görme Engelliler için Kitap Okuyorum" - https://youtu.be/KtxoVjrA6r0

That's why attorneys often turn away cases where "taş atmak" is not worth the trouble. An experienced attorney must know which legal battles are worth fighting, and which battles are a waste of a client's money. Sometimes for the sake of inner peace, one tells themselves those famous words from Ajda... "Hos Gor Sen," discussed in the article "AFFET GİTSİN ALDIRMA!" https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000049537#

Good Luck - Kendinize İyi Bakın

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