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We often look at legal matters as contests. Just like a soccer game, it's one side against the other. One side tries for a goal, and the other blocks them. The law often works like this. One side attacks and the other defends. This can be true in collections, criminal prosecutions, or bitter divorces. That's why each side has its own attorney. An attorney can't represent both sides. Otherwise, we have a conflict of interest.

A conflict of interest is a situation where an attorney's loyalty to one person is compromised because they are also helping the other side. This arises where a setting is adversarial. Adversarial doesn't necessarily mean with hostility. It just means that one side's interests are opposed to the others. Let's look at a house sale.

The seller has an attorney. The buyer has a separate attorney. The buyer and seller might disgree on certain issues. If a washer/dryer is very old and looks like it may need replacement, the attorney for the buyer could demand a price reduction. The attorney for the seller argues that the washer/dryer is fine. There's nothing in the contract about appliances being brand new.

Obviously, the same attorney can't argue both these positions. That's why each side has their own attorney. It's the same in a car accident case. KAZA DAVANIZI KAZANMAK https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000050760 Why are conflicts of interest important? It's because they can compromise a working relationship. And that could mean the attorney can't work in a setting where their loyalty is compromised. Just as a coach in a soccer game can only help one team, it works the same way in the courtroom, or in this yard, where a cat is loyal to his dog friend (Cat Protects His Dog Friend!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrHnUicwaSM

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