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Merhabalar, 6 ay Miami’de, 6 ay ise Bodrum’da ikamet edebilecek Türk ve Dünya mutfağına hakim bayan bir aşçı arayışımız bulunmaktadır. House manager taraflarını gözardı edebiliriz.


Job Description:

• Extensive knowledge and cooking of healthy and dietetic food beside international and Turkish cuisine.

• Daily light housekeeping.

• Managing and upkeep of wardrobe, packing and unpacking suitcases.

• Organization of tableware for daily use and functions; selecting and protecting all crockery and cutlery.

• Ensuring the property is secure and smoothly running, clean and tidy at all times.

• Manage and be responsible of the other employees such as housekeeper(s), walking in the house or giving services at the house.

• Greeting and caring for guests and visitors.

• Chauffeur duties when required.

• Running errands and shopping.

• Taking responsibility for the household inventory. Also ensuring that supplies are always replenished.

• Be in charge of the budgets of the household, including paying all bills related to the house management.

• Make travel and holiday arrangements for the family.

• Perform secretarial work and other tasks as required by the employer, such as organizing / drafting the emails, print outs, dossier filings.

• Carry out any other task the Principal may reasonably ask.

• Creating a friendly environment for 2 children at the age of 16 and fulfill their essential needs when they are staying at the house.

Requirements & Skills

• Minimum 3 years of prove culinary experience in a villa and 2 years of experience in 5 star hotels.

• Minimum university graduate preferably in culinary, hospitality or similar ones.

• Sound knowledge of different cuisines as well as food health and safety regulations.

• A strong understanding of nutrition.

• Cleaning up and sanitizing.

• Excellent organizational and time management skills.

• Effective communication skills.

• Detail-oriented.

• Be able to travel to the USA during winter and to Turkey during summer,

• Be able to travel with the principal and the family whenever required.

• Silver service fine dining table settings with an experience in wines and cocktails.

• Shopping experience for food and beverages and household needs, also experience in storages ,deepfreezing and pantry control

Accommodation: A separate bedroom with bathroom is available in the house(s).

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Umutcan Ünlü


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