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Şükran gününüz kutlu olsun - happy thanksgiving


I live in New York. Many people here are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in the coming days. I know it isn't a holiday celebrated everywhere in the world. And I realize that many visitors to the Community Abroad website live in countries where Thanksgiving might not be celebrated.

Still, it could be a good time to think of things we are thankful for. These past few years have been difficult for many, with economic downturns related to the pandemic. Whether you are rich or poor, or young or old, I wish you and your loved ones good things to enjoy and be thankful for... whether you celebrate the holiday or not.

Here is a nice drone flight through Istanbul... "Istanbul. Love of the continents // İstanbul. Kıtaların aşkı" https://youtu.be/eV6lTEY95yY

Here in New York, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has attracted crowds with its giant balloons. But there's lots of work that goes into these balloons... "How The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Comes To Life" https://youtu.be/E_omMWq80NY

Hepinize mutluluk ve sağlık dilerim.

Good Luck - Kendinize İyi Bakın

Avukat Timur Akpinar

(718) 224-9824


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. Towntalk

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