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Enjoy the Season... But be careful for Holiday Scams!


There's something magical about the holidays. Although winter brings ice and snowstorms, the beautiful lights, music, and good cheer of the holiday season sometimes makes those things seem less harsh. However, the holidays could also be a time when endless scams are out there, taking advantage of the cheerful atmosphere where people might be less suspicious.

This time of year, be careful getting in and out of cars, going through shopping malls, and other crowded settings. Be aware of your surroundings and keep a close eye on small children and your personal belongings, such as wallets, purses, or phones. See Yankesici Yankesiciyi Soydu! - https://youtu.be/yTLEhXzy8GQ If you use public parking, try to find spots that are well-lit and not too remote from the crowds of people around main exits.

Some scams involve teams of people working together, who take advantage of lines of people waiting to enter stores or board buses and trains. See İstanbul Fatih'te Bir Yankesici Otobüs Durağında Bekleyen Yolcunun Cep Telefonunu Çaldı! - https://youtu.be/TX7jkBDCTi0 In addition to pickpockets or people pretending to be tourists in crowded places, there are endless online scams out there. The elderly is particularly vulnerable to these scams. Here's a story that shows an older couple in Bursa that was the victim of such scams - Bursa'da 'FETÖ' ile telefon dolandırıcılığı! - https://youtu.be/y63qdl2evz0 Here, it was fortunate that their son was looking out for them.

A younger generation that grew up with smartphones might laugh at these scams, but an older generation of adults might be more gullible. These scams include phone calls or emails that the person owes money, has a delivery waiting, or has a long-lost acquaintance trying to get in touch with them.

Some scams are as old as the pyramids, and there will always be üç kağıtçılar out there. See "ÜÇ KAĞITÇI" https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000051213 What can you do? If you receive a suspicious email, try to verify the user before proceeding further. If you receive phone calls demanding credit card information to prevent getting into trouble with authorities, don't give your information out. If you receive promises of lucrative business opportunities or high-paying jobs, but first you must complete a paid program, be suspicious. Reputable employers do not ask job candidates for money to complete training.

Please be careful, and to all who read this... best wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

Good luck - Kendinize İyi Bakın

Timur Akpinar

(718) 224-9824


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