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Happy Holidays!


The holiday season is a special time of year. It doesn't matter which Winter Holiday you celebrate. The holidays bring out a warmth in people. Over a hundred years ago during World War One, the terrible fighting on the Western Front was interrupted for a brief moment during a Christmas truce. Soldiers on both sides of No-Man's Land came out of their trenches. Soldiers exchanged food, chocolate, cigarettes, stories, and shared letters from home. Some played soccer in the middle of the battlefield.

Sadly, things went back to the business of war afterwards. But for a brief shining moment, the best of everyone came through. The Holidays could sometimes give us a new way to see things. We can sometimes step back and see things in a different light during the warmth of the season. Christmas Market Istanbul - https://youtu.be/jVyj13DPyfM The holidays can bring hope, or a fresh new look at life.

I hope that the holidays bring to all of you the best of everything. May you be surrounded by people you love, and who love you back. May you dream of things that fill you with hope for the future... school, work, business, and may those dreams come true for you.

Mall of Istanbul - https://youtube.com/shorts/VGo6Y9nSt7o?feature=share

Wherever you live, whatever holidays you celebrate... may you enjoy health, happiness, and good things this holiday season!

Good Luck - Kendinize İyi Bakın

Avukat Timur Akpinar

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