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When it comes to children, the law tries to protect them. This is for obvious reasons. Children are considered innocent. The law does not want them to be tricked or exploited. We see legal protections for children in family law, criminal law, and other areas. In contract law, a question that commonly arises is whether a child (minor) can be responsible for a contract.

This question raises interesting issues. Think about TV commercials that sell products. What do we usually see in these ads? They generally carry the disclaimer, "Must be over eighteen." Why is that? It's because companies don't want to lose money when a minor turns around and says, "I'm not responsible for this deal. I'm only a kid." Dünya Çocuk Günü https://youtu.be/jbfpIxMcBJE

Legally, we need several basic elements to form a contract. There must be an offer. There must be an acceptance. Things of value must change hands - for instance, $5,000 cash for a car worth $5,000. What about writing? Doesn't a contract need to be in writing? No, not necessarily... see AMA HİÇBİR ŞEY İMZALAMADIM! https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000049418

Additionally, the people entering the contract must have capacity. What happens if a minor enters into a contract? The contract is considered voidable.

What does "voidable" mean? It means the minor could go through with the contract. But the minor could also say, "No contract here, I'm only a kid." There are some exceptions to this basic rule. But what if the minor looked like an adult? Can the company force the contract terms? No, and that's why we see that fine print... "Must be over eighteen years of age."

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