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In the 1960s, the book "Unsafe At Any Speed" claimed that the Chevrolet Corvair was dangerous. The car was criticized because of its handling in high-speed turns. Personally, I love Corvairs. And if you look around car sites, prices show that buyers don't have a problem with the car. These kinds of safety issues bring us to an interesting area of law called Product Liability.

Product liability law deals with goods that are dangerous. We might think of SUV rollovers or hazardous toys. With SUVs, the problem can be caused by a high center of gravity. This goes to the element of "design." People who are injured claim the SUV was defectively designed. That's one possible element of a product liability lawsuit.

Other elements of a product liability lawsuit could include defective manufacture or failure to warn. Think of the hot coffee cases - ÜZERİME SİCAK KAHVE DÖKÜLDÜ... MİLYON DOLARLIK DAVAM VARMI? https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000050212

Product liability law is different from more traditional car accidents or falls. In most car accidents, the injured person argues that the other driver was negligent, or careless. In product liability law, you don't need to show carelessness. You need to show the product was defective, or dangerous. Sometimes, it's not the car, but the ROADWAY that's scary - Burada Araba Sürmek Yürek İster! - https://youtube.com/shorts/SYn5u4NSTrg?feature=share

As for the Corvair, it's a rear-engine car. It handles differently than front-engine cars during turns. Additionally, the car was later given an improved rear suspension. Here's a quick video that may be of interest here... Sürmesi En SAKINCALI 5 Araba - https://youtu.be/64-NM7c14ww

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