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Sosyal Medya - Sadece Eğlenmek İçin Kulanılmiyor


Social media is a wonderful thing. People share photos of their vacations or hobbies. Their friends have fun seeing what's new, whether it's a cruise or a painting they made. But social media posts can go beyond mere entertainment. Social media sites are also used by investigators for various other purposes.

Social media could be used to research job applicants. Their resume looks good. The interview went well. But the company wants a closer look. Maybe it wants to see a thing or two about the person's personal life. The company see pictures of friends raising a glass at a bar while on vacation. This is harmless and normal; everyone does it. But if there are loads of images about wild partying, the company might have second thoughts about the person.

Social media sites are also used by investigators who take a closer look at lawsuits. MİLYON DOLAR İLE BİN DOLARLIK DAVA ARASINDAKİ FARK NEDİR? https://www.communityabroad.com/turkish/post/1000000050486 If the person claims they are disabled and unable to work, insurance investigators might look for evidence of events that show an active lifestyle. They would look for photos of the person participating in sports events or in physically demanding hobbies.

And it's totally acceptable for investigators to do this. Social media sites are in the public realm. They are fair game. Information gathered from them could be used in court. There is no expectation of privacy. So while people post things to share with their friends, it's also up there for the whole world to see.

Sosyal Medyanın Zararları https://youtu.be/qtEwbFqkmCs

Sosyal Medya Bağımlılığının Yararları ve Zararları Nelerdir? https://youtu.be/SCTZGrBrMRc

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